Heart-Shaped Head is a project by Artist, Anthony Trott, dedicated to showing the TRUE face of bully breeds!

The Heart-Shape
If you take your hands, put your thumbs together just over the center between the eyes of a pit bull's head and let your hands wrap down the sides of the dog's cheeks, you will be able to see the heart-shape their head forms.

But Heart-Shaped Head isn't just about the physical characteristics of bully breeds, it's also about showing the world just how truly wonderful these dogs are!

A Different View
Misunderstood as savage killers by some in the United States of America, bully breeds, or pit bulls, are actually known as the "Nanny Dog" in Europe because they are SO loyal to their humans, and SO trustworthy.

Breed Specific Legislation
Due to hyped up media coverage concentrating on any negative incident involving American Staffordshire Terriers (WONDERFUL dogs!), also referred to as "pit bulls" - often ignoring just as bad or worse from other types of breeds - as well as ignoring so many heart-felt, feel-good tales of these dogs, the United States has seen an onslaught of Breed Specific Legislation and movements to put an end to these wonderful beings. These dogs don't even have to actually BE American Staffordshire Terriers in order to receive punishment. Responsible pet owners currently are even being forced to surrender their dogs just because somebody thinks they LOOK like a "pit bull"! Just for how they look. No crime. No threat. No reason other than ignorant fear and hatred.

Our Silence Kills
These dogs can't speak up for themselves. These dogs have no voice of their own. WE need to speak up for them! WE need to be the masses calling out for justice! WE need to be their voice!

THIS is why there is Heart-Shaped Head. A project dedicated to featuring these wonderful beasts who devote their lives to us. Join us as we show off the TRUE face of bully breeds! SPEAK!!